Wood Stand for gongs


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This is a new harmonic shape with an arc. Easy to assemble and disassemble with only 3 pieces, without screws and wedges. 

Made of solid beech wood and finished with wax.

Available in 4 sizes.



As there is no cross support at the bottom, there is comfortable leg room when playing the gong.

Small up to Ø 60 cm: It is conveniently used for work on Aura with Gong and Sound Massage. Measurements approx.: height: 97 cm x width (top) 72 cm / width (bottom) 85 cm. Weight: approx. 7.5 kg.

Medium up to Ø 80 cm: This gong holder is suitable for gong sizes with diameter Ø 60 – 80 cm. Measurements approx.: height: 117 cm x width (top) 91 cm / width (bottom) 108 cm. Weight: approx. 8.5 kg.

Large up to Ø 100 cm: This gong holder is suitable for gong sizes Ø 80-100 cm. Measurements approx.: height: 137 cm x width (top) 109 cm / width (bottom) 132 cm. Weight: approx. 10 kg.

Extra-Large up to Ø 115 cm: This gong holder is suitable for gongs up to Ø 115 cm. Measurements approx.: height: 157 cm x width (top) 125 cm / width (bottom) 148 cm. Weight: approx. 13.5 kg.

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Wood Stand Size

up to Ø 100 cm, up to Ø 115 cm, up to Ø 60 cm, up to Ø 80 cm


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