Gong Tam Tam – superior quality


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These Tam-Tam Gongs are of superior quality, featuring an even richer sound and are heavier than regular Tam-Tam Gongs.

They are handcrafted from a bronze alloy and are slightly convex, producing rich overtones with deep, long-lasting tones. They can be played with a variety of mallets that allow you to produce varied sounds and effects.This gong works at the level of our inner Self and can reach our subconscious.

They are available in two sizes.



This Tam-Tam gong is heavier than the other Tam-Tam gongs we also sell.It is a better quality, with an even richer sound.

 Due to its characteristics, the Tam Tam Gong has been used by musicians, therapists in sound massages, yoga and meditation classes.They are also known as Chau Gongs in China.

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Gong size

28" (71,12 cm), 32" (81,28 cm)