Andean Table “The Own Universe”


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The Andean table symbolizes each bearer’s own universe.

It is made manually by Andean craftsmen with different materials, such as alpaca wool, sheep wool, among others. It has a great symbolic content, both in the patterns of the fabrics and in the point of integration of its parts.

It is the main tool for every beginner of the Andean cosmovision, where offerings are made, oracle consultation, work with Chumpis, etc.



The Andean Table is made up of three panels:

Illijlla o Mast’ana – is made with two equal pieces that represents a double directionality of time-space and, at the same time, represents the visible universe and the imaginary universe. The symbologies contained are mainly cosmic representations and the Table bearer represents the extension of his own universe.

Alqa Unkhuna or Tijlla Unkhuna – is a two-color piece, white and black, that represents the duality in life experience and the polarities we can encounter in life.

K’uchu Unkhuna – is a cloth that is made with four colors, usually white, black, brown and gray. It is the representation of the Andean trilogy and duality, where the priestly work of the Andes takes place.

By positioning the three cloths correctly, the Andean Table is created and all who own it are called Missayoq.

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