Wah-wah tubes set


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The Wah-Wah Tubes are tubular bells made of aluminum with 5 mallets and produce a lasting sound, rich in harmonics and that can be easily modulated by opening and closing the side mouth.

Pentatonic tuning in the scale: F2 (f2), G2 (g2), A2 (a2), C3 (c3), D3 (d3)

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Dimensions: F2 (f2) = 22.5 cm; Sol2 (g2) = 21 cm; A2 (a2) = 19 cm; C3 (c3) = 16.5 cm; D3 (d3) = 15 cm.

The melody is at 442hz base

Diameter of tubes: 3 cm

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Musical Note

A, C, D, F, G