Crystal Bowl with bag


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Quartz Crystal Bowls are used in meditation practices, in awakening consciousness and in healing processes because they are a great source of energy vibration.

Made from 99.9% pure Quartz powder, our Crystal Bowls are tuned to a frequency of 432 Hz, which corresponds to the natural resonance of the universe.

Padded and ergonomic case, crystal mallet and rubber ring included in the price.



Quartz Crystal Bowls emit a unique sound that, in addition to calming, relaxing and inducing meditative states, promote the balance of our physical and subtle bodies.

The prolonged vibration of the Crystal Bowls is more intense when we bring the bowl close to our body (mainly in the solar plexus area).


To increase the durability of the crystal bowl, we recommend that:

– Do not use wooden stops to touch the Crystal bowl;

– Do not touch the Crystal bowl too high, as it may break;

– Periodically clean it with a damp cloth and neutral soap;

– Never submerge it in water or wash it in the dishwasher, as this could damage the bowl and compromise the integrity of the materials;

– If you have more than one Crystal bowl, place them at least 30 cm apart, as the vibration emitted by one glass when being touched can break the other glass.

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