Kamele Ngoni “Flower of Life” – 14 strings


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The Ngoni Kamele “Flower of Life” is a traditional West African harp. Instrument with a warm and harmonic sound tuned to the minor pentatonic scale designed especially for sound healing. It is constructed with utmost refinement to produce an expansive, soothing sound. Easy and intuitive instrument to play, for all ages. It has the potential to play a large number of melodies. Quite versatile, it integrates well with various musical styles, as well as accompanying other instruments. Without a doubt, an excellent instrument of choice to be integrated into Music Therapy sessions, bringing the element to the water.



The Kamele Ngoni “Flower of Life” is a traditional harp from Western Africa. Instrument with a strong and harmonic sound tuned on the pentatonic minor scale, specially designed for sound healing. Handmade with maximum refinement to sound expansive and tranquillising with premium strings. Easy and intuitive to play for all ages. Has the potential to play a large quantity of melodies. Very versatile, integrates well into various musical styles, and great to play with other instruments on Jams! Undoubtedly, an excellent choice to be integrated into music therapy sessions bringing the element of water.


Set of extra strings (thinner)
Instruction Videos
Tuning: Minor Pentatonic Scale

G/A#/C/D/F, G/A/C/D/F or G/A/C/D/E


  • Length: 120cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Number of Strings: 14
  • Gourd Diameter: 35cm
  • Woods: Mahogany, Jatobá, Bamboo
  • Chimes: Oil bath
  • Strings: Savarez
  • Skin: Goat
  • Finish: Shellac Premium (Natural Resin)

Instrument made to order. It can take between 1 to 3 months to build it.
The instrument has a 1-year warranty against any construction defects.
Handmade in Portugal.

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Weight 4 kg


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