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Bineural Bowls are unique Bowls.

Includes a wooden and leather mallet.

Sold by pair.



These bowls are characterized by having a slightly curved shape and are
tall and thin. They have a high vibration capacity, especially in the
its upper end.

How can sound with a frequency less than 20 Hz be audible to the ear
human? The answer lies in the specialization of the sound known as binaural beats. What happens is simple – by playing two different frequencies in each ear, the brain detects the difference between the two frequencies and tunes a third ‘binaural beat’. So, for example if you play 400Hz on right ear, and 410Hz in the left ear, your brain produces a third
frequency that pulses at 10Hz, which is the difference between the two tones. 10Hz is equivalent to the Alpha frequency, which generates relaxation, meditation and thought creative. Bineural beats can generate excellent results and help you in many ways.

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