Cosmos therapy singing bowl set


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Natural yet highly refined, the Meinl Sonic Energy Cosmos Series Singing Bowls are designed to accommodate professional meditation and sound therapy practitioners.

With a bellied design created from additional hammering, these bowls generate a sustained deep tone that will fill any room with ambient sound. We forge these bronze alloy masterpieces in India to produce a long-sustaining, soothing ring when tapped or rubbed with a singing bowl mallet – this alloy fills the space around you with ethereal sound waves of calming overtones.

This two-piece set comes with two suction holders that allow you to move the bowls around freely during sound baths or therapy to focus on different parts of the body while maintaining resonance.

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Included is our popular resonating hammer. Made of solid wood and covered with suede leather. Also included are two felt rings for resting the singing bowls and two soft covers for optimal storage and transport.

Manufacturer note: do not hold any singing bowl above the face or body with the suction holders. Before using the suction holders, the singing bowls should be completely free of dust and the suction pads should be slightly moistened. The suction holders are pressed in the center of the singing bowls and lifted by the rods.

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