Musical Set DÓ


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Set of 7 Tibetan bowls with the following measurements, weight and musical notes:

BOWL 1- diâmetro 25cm, 1,730g, Nota DÓ

BOWL 2- diâmetro 24cm, 1720g, Nota RÉ

BOWL 3- diâmetro 22,5cm, 1480g, Nota MI

BOWL 4- diâmetro 20cm, 0,954g, Nota FÁ

BOWL 5- diâmetro 20cm, 1,185g, Nota SOL

BOWL 6- diâmetro 18cm, 0,948g, Nota LÁ

BOWL 7- diâmetro 17cm, 0,874g, Nota SI

The harmonic relationship of the frequencies selected in this triad of bowls favors the induction of a state of balance when we play them all together. These bowls produce rich, harmonic and long-lasting sounds.

They were handcrafted in Nepal.It is accompanied by a medium/small size leather mallet.

Due to the manual production process of Tibetan bowls, there may be slight variations in measurements and colors.

Images may differ from the original as they are handcrafted.

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Tibetan Bowls are used in meditation practices, in awakening consciousness, in healing processes and in various sound therapies as they are a great source of energy vibration. They emit a unique sound that, in addition to calming, relaxing and inducing meditative states, promotes the balance of the physical and subtle bodies.

In general, the sound vibration effect of the Tibetan Bowls tends to eliminate tensions, unblock the energy of the meridians, harmonize the energy of environments and emotional blockages and create a moment of deep peace.

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