Handmade Native American flute in Lá (A) – 6 holes


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The Handmade Flute Native American style is made in Brazilian mahogany wood, by a craftsman of our trust. It is in the pentatonic scale and tuned at 432Hz, which corresponds to the natural resonance of the universe. It produces a clear, sweet and enveloping sound.

Measures approximately 50 cm, has 6 holes and may have turquoise notes on the holes.

As it is a handcrafted article, it may have slight variations in relation to the photo presented.

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As a result of Cosmic Gong’s profound knowledge of Sound Healing, we present a Handmade Native American Flute, made by a trusted craftsman. An ideal instrument for initiation or advanced practice of music therapy.

The ease with which this flute is played allows anyone to easily take full advantage of its musicality, even those who have never played any instrument.

The main feature of Native American Flutes is that they have 2 chambers and the air passes from one to the other through a tunnel created by the totem. They are therefore very sensitive to breath variations and require minimal effort to produce sounds.

The calm and relaxing sound they emit has the power to connect the rhythms of nature with the vibrations of each one and lift your spirit. This makes this flute suitable for use in sound therapy, healing rituals, shamanism and meditation.

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