Transport Bag for Gong


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Transport bags for Gong, with tab inside.

It has two handles and shoulder strap. Excellent quality and durability.

Black colour and various sizes available.



Plasticized suitcase with 10 mm polyester filler. Bag abroad with zip.

It has capacity for two gongs inside, however, depending on the sizes of the gongs, it is advisable to pay attention to the weight of the bag when you need to carry.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Gong size

24" (60,96 cm), 26" (66,04 cm), 28" (71,12 cm), 30" (76,20 cm), 32" (81,28 cm), 34" (84,36 cm), 36" (91,44 cm), 38" (96,52 cm), 40" (101 cm)


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