Pau Santo


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Pau Santo, also known as Palo Santo, is a natural and therapeutic incense of Peruvian origin. It is considered magical, mystical and sacred with powers of energy purification and spiritual connection.

It helps to relax at the end of the day, promoting an environment of calm, harmony and tranquility, completely releasing any negative energy that may exist.

Available in units, 100 gr or 500 gr bag.



This natural incense is considered spiritual among shamans and healers and has been used in sacred purification rituals by the indigenous peoples of South America.

How to use:

Light one end of the wood with a match or lighter until intense smoke is created. Then blow or shake carefully to put out the flame and potentialize the ember. Finally, place it in an incense holder and let it burn until it burns completely.

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100 gr, 500 gr, Unit


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