Neti ceramic pot + 25gr of himalayan salt


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This product is widely used in India, particularly by yoga practitioners, to clean and decongest the nostrils and sinuses, improving the quality of life of people with rhinitis or sinusitis.

In Ayurvedic traditions, cleaning the nose is called Jala Neti and is part of the daily body care routine.

Sinus cleansing helps relieve symptoms of colds, flu, sinus infections, nasal dryness, allergies and other upper respiratory irritations.

It is easy to use and only requires 3-5 minutes of your time.

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Benefits of using Neti pot:

– Clearing mucus and relieving sinus infections, colds and colds

– Reduces snoring and breathing problems

– Helps against allergy symptoms

– Prevents nasal dryness

– Reduces headaches


 Neti pot maintenance: After each use, clean the Neti pot with warm water. Dry well and store in a clean, dry area.

Includes instruction manuals in English, Dutch, German, Italian, French.


Product Specifications:

Size: 17.5 x 7 cm

Capacity: 150ml

Material: Ceramic

Total weight: 649 g

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Weight 0,65 kg


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